All our most commmon questions are answered here but if there's something else on your mind, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Pre-Sales Questions

  • Can you get my listing on Realestate.com.au? +

    Yes, we can. This is included in our core service.



  • Can you get my listing on AllHomes.com.au? +

    Yes, we can. This is an optional extra that you can purchase at any time.



  • Can I market a commercial listing on RealCommercial? +

    Yes, you can. You can advertise a for lease or a for sale property on RealCommercial.

  • Can you get my listing Domain.com.au? +

    Yes, we can. This is an optional extra which you can choose at any time.

  • Where will my property be listed +

    Realestate.com.au, *Domain.com.au, *Allhomes.com.au, Homesales.com.au, Homehound.com.au, Propertynow.com.au, Property.com.au, thehomepage.com.au, onthehouse.com.au, homely.com.au. Also Rent.com.au for rentals, Realcommercial.com.au for commercial properties.

    * Optional Extras

  • Is there any commission when using PropertyNow to access all these sites? +

    When a sale is made using our services no commission is payable. We only charge a very small upfront marketing fee. There are no hidden charges and definitely no real estate agent commission payable upon sale.

  • Can you help me with advice, for e.g. what to do when I get an offer? +

    It is our pleasure to provide free non-legal general advice at all times. We also have resources on our site that can assist with many queries but always feel free to phone for a chat if you are unsure about anything. Andrew, the owner of PropertyNow, is a Licensed Real Estate Agent with over 15 years experience within the industry. Please take advantage of his knowledge and expertise.

  • Does PropertyNow answer questions about my property from enquirers? +

    Absolutely not. Apart from the fact that it might be illegal to do so, we could also lose our real estate license as we are marketing but not selling your property.

  • How do you handle enquiries? +

    We have a new state-of-the-art phone enquiry system that is the first of its kind for agencies like ours. Potential buyers will ring our phone number, enter a 4 digit phone enquiry code and be given your contact details to call you directly. Our enquiry system services your buyer enquiry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Email enquiries are forwarded to your email address instantly 24 hours a day and the enquirer also receives an automated response.

  • What do you do apart from market my property? +

    We manage your enquiry and assist in a range of services that you may require. We offer you as much free support, help and advice as you could possibly want. You can speak with a Licensed agent in PropertyNow at any time to discuss the selling of your home.

  • Is my phone number in the For Sale ad? +

    No, defintelty not. Your listing will appear on realestate.com.au and it is expressly against the Terms of Service of realestate.com.au to include a private sellers phone number or any reference to private sales. Your listing carries the PropertyNow logo and PropertyNow contact details. As soon as Realestate.com.au allow us to place your number in the ad we would be more than happy to do so. This is also the case for all other websites excepting our own (www.propertynow.com.au) which will display your details.

  • Will I be automatically billed each month? +

    NO! There are no ongoing fees whatsoever.

  • What is a Featured Listing on realestate.com.au +

    We put your property on a lot of sites and on the biggest one (realestate.com.au) we also offer you the option to upgrade to a Featured Listing.

    Featured listings:

    • Always appear above Standard Listings
    • Receive more enquiry
    • Includes grey background and border in results
    • Includes larger main image in results
    • Includes arrows to change thumbnail images in results

  • How successful is the PropertyNow system? +

    The system is amazingly successful and it's because any property listed at the correct price and marketed as heavily as we do is very likely to sell.

    Just about the only way to fail when selling your house via PropertyNow is to overprice it.

  • A real estate agent told me that Realestate.com.au will not accept Private Sales +

    For more than a decade REA (realestate.com.au) did not accept private sales on its website. It now does accept private sales under certain circumstances only and via a licensed real estate agency such as PropertyNow.

    The CEO of realestate.com.au stated in 2011 that REA had been out of step with industry regulatory practices in relation to its Private Sale Policy.

    This statement by REA is perfectly in line with the stance PropertyNow has held in relation to realestate.com.au for over half a decade.

    PropertyNow has been central to several watershed moments which have changed the selling and marketing of Property in Australia.

  • Don't realestate.com.au forbid private sales on their website? +

    They do allow PropertyNow's listings which are agent assisted sales. They do not permit Private Sales or any sales not through a real estate agency such as PropertyNow. After pressure from PropertyNow in 2011, realestate.com.au completely changed its view about the acceptability of what PropertyNow does - i.e. that private sales were acceptable via the system that PropertyNow uses.

    Realestate.com.au is completely aware of the PropertyNow business model and your listing is absolutely permitted. It is true that some other companies have been removed from realestate.com.au because of the way they approached their business but PropertyNow has remained.

    Private sales are not allowed on realestate.com.au unless through a Licensed real estate agent (such as PropertyNow) and by using a methodology like PropertyNow does.

  • Because Realestate.com.au don't like private sales will my PropertyNow listing be disadvantaged? +

    No, it gets treated exactly like any other agent listing.

  • How long has PropertyNow been operating? +

    PropertyNow invented agent assisted sales in Australia in 2005.

  • Is PropertyNow a Licensed Real Estate Agency? +

    Yes, PropertyNow is a Licensed real estate agency. The Licensee is Andrew Blachut. License number: 928874

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