You're on the leading For Sale By Owner website in Australia. We list your private sale on and other "agent only" websites. We also have real estate agent listings on our site (40,000 listings) but have coded our site so that our clients show up at the top of all searches. We literally invented Agent Assisted sales in Australia (that's a private sale with an agent helping in the background) We have the ONLY reliable enquiry system of any private sale company.

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We advertise For Sale By Owner and real estate agency property listings. We are the only private sale company who also has real estate agent listings on our own site and that's great news if you're selling your own home because it makes us a more powerful and attractive destination for people wanting to buy a home or to sell a property.

PropertyNow was around years before any of our competitors. Don't be duped by sites who look like us on the outside. There is only one PropertyNow and we created the most reliable private sale system in Australia. Our enquiry system for example, is the only completely reliable one that is currently available. We know this because we run tests on our competitors every week and they are found wanting. Remember, there’s no point in being listed on and other sites if your enquiries are not respected and attended to both professionally and promptly.

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Buying, Selling and Renting real estate in Australia is changing rapidly

Traditional real estate agent sales still suit some people but others want a more hands on approach with an agent assisted sale. We've changed the out-dated and inefficient For Sale By Owner way of selling a home and invented agent assisted private sales for selling a house,land or investment property.

Our agent assisted sales system is far superior to a private sale and combines the cost savings of a private real estate sale with the power of appearing on the major property portals like You can get started with your private sale by clicking here -  list my home on 

Our agent assisted sale listings appear on the leading Australian real estate websites, like, in exactly the same way as if you listed your property with a local real estate agency. 

We not only help people to sell their own home privately with no commission at all but we also have a tenant finder service where we list private rentals on for landlords who want to manage their own properties

Still Undecided?

If you are still undecided about the best way to sell a home or the best company to use to sell your own property then, why not give us a call? If you've found a better deal we'll beat it.

You can give us a call 7 days on 0488 076 303 and we'll answer any questions you may still have about private sales... and listing as a for sale by owner on

If you are selling your own house privately then it is absolutely crucial to be seen on

PropertyNow was always mindful of that and it's the reason we worked so hard in changing REA's attitude to agent assisted private sales during 2010.

Why is this important to you? Because now in 2013's Quality Assurance Department has been coming down very hard on breaches made by private sale companies.

We know and understand REA ( better than anyone... having successfully fought them via the ACCC. We achieved that with no assistance from any private sale competitors. But more importantly we have known for a long time that our competition run their businesses very poorly and have little or no monitoring or care in relation to policies.

Their businesses are being run mainly to sell leads for home loans. That's a recipe for disaster..

PropertyNow is the most hands on of any company and we engage with constantly in order to protect our clients interests. Already this year one of our competitors has had it's listiings removed from because of breaches. And another competitor was removed from for around 18 months (read about the dismissal of BuyMyPlace here -   BuyMyPlace removed from )

To show you the dramatic change we caused within Australian real estate, read this email below which was written by the CEO of, after our fight with over allowance of private sales (agent assisted listings)

To make reading of the email easier you can click on the email image below to enlarge it in a new window.

The text that we have highlited in red is the important bit ( the moment that real estate sales in Australia changed forever thanks to PropertyNow's efforts and the good sense of the regulators (ACCC)


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